Ria Brett, RN, Clinic co-ordinator, IVF nurse and Egg donor co-ordinator.

Ria re-joined the team in 2015 after five years in the UK working at the Lister Fertility Centre in London. She is a UK-trained RN (registered nurse) and IVF nurse with a strong background in family planning and sexual health medicine. As well as her counselling skills and experience as a nurse educator she is also a fully trained IUI nurse, performing intra-uterine inseminations in the clinics. She is passionate about excellent customer service and is always praised by patients for her kindness and compassionate care.

“The joy of my job is the patient, ensuring the patient’s comfort and giving them all the support they need through every step of the treatment. I am so delighted and happy to be working again in such a compassionate and caring team where we focus on providing world class service and always strive to improve the patient’s experience and journey with us. Having spent time in another fertility clinic, I know that every patient choosing our clinic for treatment is truly getting the most expert advice on all their fertility treatment options at the most cost-effective prices.”