Helen Godding, Fertility Nurse and Ultrasonographer

Helen joined the team in 2013 from Barbados fertility centre. She has many years working in the medical field and is also a qualified ultrasonongrapher. She completed the Trinidad IVF and fertility Centre “Fertility Nursing Training” certification in the fastest time of any staff member, reflecting her knowledge and experience in all aspects of patient care in a fertility clinic.

“I am delighted to be working at Trinidad IVF and have been impressed from the first day I joined the team at the fantastic commitment to both excellence in all aspects of pateints care but also to the focus on staff training and clinical research. My role is to guide you through scheduling your appointment, meeting with our team of nurses and doctors, understanding your results and getting you started on your journey to becoming a parent. During my training I have spent time in the IVF lab watching how eggs and sperms grow into embryos and also supporting patients through their scans, IUIs and IVF procedures. We are here to help make your journey as pleasant and stress free as possible.”