Gabrielle “Gabby” Rodney, Fertility Nurse, Andrology technician, Registered phlebotomy technician and Patient support group Co-ordinator.

Gabby joined the team in  2012. She has Medical Assistant certification from Sanford-Brown Institute, New York and has worked in the medical field for five years. Always looking for new challenges, Gabby has recently founded our “Pillars” patient support service. She is also currently  training in our andrology laboratory technician programme. Always cheerful, passionate about good customer service and much-loved for her wonderful cooking skills by her colleagues, Gabby is often featured on our patient feedback surveys as someone with a positive attitude,  offering great support to patients at all stages of their journey in the clinic.

“I am particularly interested in the human body and how it works. I also love helping people and have really found my niche in fertility medicine. When you decide on a career in healthcare, you understand that you “hold life in your hands” and being a team member responsible for creating life, I take that literally and with great respect. As one of the first professionals you come into contact with in the clinic, I try to make your experience a pleasant one. I try to ease anxiety through information and humour, making your journey just a little easier.”