Our clinics are here to help you build your family. We have all the tests to help understand what your situation is and then we can guide you to consider all the options you have for achieving your dreams  (link to treamtents). We also offer fertility preservation to help you hold onto you chance of a family in the future. We treat all couples and single women and have very few restrictions (link to page on reasons you cannot have treatment in our clinic Edited page on drop box. ) on who can access treatment.



There are now treatments to help almost everyone overcome infertility. At Trinidad IVF we offer treatment programs tailored to your unique situation. For many people a wide variety of treatment options are available. Our patients consistently rate us highly on providing information on all treatment options. Our philosophy is to balance the goals of achieving the best possible chance of success with using the simplest and most cost effective approach for you.

We offer all fertility treatment in our clinics in Trinidad that are available internationally.




Ovulation induction (growing eggs with fertility medications) and cycle monitoring

IUI (insemination)

Donor sperm treatment and Donor sperm bank

IVF and ICSI (sperm injection)

IVF with egg sharing

Donor egg treatment

Donor embryo treatment

Blastocyst culture

Surgical sperm retrieval

Endometrial scratch



DHEA and other treatments and investigations for low egg levels


Fertility Surgery for women

Fertility surgery for men

Treatment of infections

Treatment of thyroid disorders

Treatment for high Prolactin levels

Treatment for premature ovarian failure


Sperm banking for cancer patients

Egg banking for cancer patients

Social egg freezing

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