We are a dedicated team of professionals that passionately believe in providing the best treatment to help you achieve your dreams. All fertility treatments available worldwide are provided within our world class clinics in Trinidad. You will also find a friendly face and a welcoming smile from a team that understands the journey that you are facing.

about-usWe mix the best of Trinidadian compassion and care with a great range of international research and clinical expertise to bring you a truly unique service. Our treatments are consistently up-to-date and changing as the field of fertility medicine discovers and refines new ways of creating healthy babies and preventing miscarriages.

With our new purpose built IVF laboratory, opened in 2012, we continue to build on our long legacy of pioneering success. Our team had the joy of achieving the first IVF baby in the English-speaking Caribbean in 1997 and we have always led the way in the Caribbean region, constantly introducing new procedures when they are known to be safe and effective.

We are committed to providing the FULL RANGE of treatment options tailored to each individual. We are certified as a centre providing EXCELLENCE IN CLINICAL CARE with an honest approach providing everyone with all their family-building options. After nearly two decades of outsanding service we remain Trinidad and Tobago’s only fertility centre capable of providing all fertility treatment options.

Our fertility doctors all have many years of specialist fertility training that is undertaken after completing the basic gynaecology training of a general obstetrician and gynaecologist.  We ensure that you get the right advice from a true fertility expert. We guarantee that our clinic provides you with honest and realistic advice. Every treatment is rigorously evaluated for safety and success by our quality management team.

Quality is our highest priority and is assured by our rigorous controls and quality management system. All our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your chances of success are maximised. Our centre is fully accredited and complies with the highest UK and Euopean Standards.